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Luminex® Analysis Service

Bioclarma offers Analysis Services based on the most advanced Molecular Biology Techniques.
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» Luminex® Analysis
Bioclarma offers years of experience of using the Luminex® technology to those who want to analyze their biological samples.

The benefits are the multiplex fluorescence reading, simultaneous analysis on the same sample of a high target number, and the possibility to combine high sensitivity to a wide dynamic reading range on a few microliters of sample.

Our offer extends both to the use of existing commercial kits and the ability to develop specific customized testing, as well as assays for the recognition of specific DNA / RNA sequences.

» Bioclarma offers the development of Luminex custom assays

Molecular Biology Analysis Service

» Molecular Biology Analysis
Our team provides a service of analysis using the most innovative technologies available today in molecular biology, for applications such as research and dosage of DNA / RNA target and/or proteins in biological samples, gene expression profiling, mutations and polymorphisms studies.

The company provides a qualified consulting service for the validation of diagnostic systems on several automatic amplification and extraction platforms, in accordance with European standards for the development and production of in vitro diagnostic reagents.

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