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Bioclarma is a company established in 2007 that provides Products and Services for in vitro testing of biological samples through the use of innovative analytical technologies.

Our molecular diagnostic products, developed with the most advanced technology solutions, are a complete solution for public and private analysis laboratories that carry out genetic and oncological activities.

The Bioclarma Analytical Service is available primarily for research centers, where our company is able to provide accurate and documented analytical responses as well as highly qualified service in the interpretation of the data provided.

Bioclarma laboratories provide analysis service based on the use of Luminex® technology (a liquid phase array system) that allows, by reading fluorescent microspheres, multiple and simultaneous analysis of a large number of analytes on small sample quantities.

The opportunity offered by Bioclarma is to make available to any research laboratory the possibility of simultaneous "multiplex" analysis of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, signal transduction molecules, DNA / RNA mutations and polymorphisms.

Our company also develops qualitative and / or quantitative assays using the Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR) and Real Time PCR methods for the development and validation of on-demand analytical tests, with the possibility of implementing the assays on different platforms for amplification and automatic extraction.

Thanks to the experience developed by our research engineers, we can also develop assays based on methods such as in situ fluorescence hybridization (FISH), customized ELISA assays, and various types of immunoenzymatic assays.

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